Tears For Fears From A Fan's Point Of View.


It's been 23 years since Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith released the critically acclaimed musical master piece Songs From The Big Chair.  You're probably also wondering what made this 32 year old aspiring writer such a big fan of theirs?

Well it all goes back to the year 1985 and how I was 9 years old.  9 year old girls very rarely talked with their friends about the music that they liked unless those girls in her peer group felt the same way that she did. 

My fandom went back to 1983's The Hurting.  I first saw the video for that song on the Great American Songbook and Good Rockin Tonight.  From that point on I just felt a really deep connection with Curt and Roland's music.  Maybe for the better?

So now let's move up to the present time.  Roland and Curt have gotten back together in their musical partnership and have put their feud to an end for now. 

Roland lives in London with his wife Caroline and their two sons Raoul and Pascal. 

Curt  currently lives in Los Angeles with his second wife Frances and his daughters  he only refers to as D and W.  This is to keep their identies hidden from the public.  He became a US citizen in August of 2007 and recently released a solo album called Halfway Pleased.

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